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Happy Wife, Happy Life! Marital Shenanigans and Prep Time for Paris!


We did it!  Yesterday at 11:30am, I said “I do” to my now husband, Michael.  It POURED on Friday, and everyone was sure we were going to have to be married inside the reception area. Come Saturday morning, we woke up to warm weather and a bright, sunny sky.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and the ceremony went off without a hitch!  It was short, sweet, and to the point.  My brother did the music via my ipod for the ceremony, and our friend Eric took photos (along with everyone else with a smart phone).  I tried my hardest to hold it together, as Mike was very emotional at the start of the ceremony.

And what did we do once it was over and we walked down the aisle as husband and wife?  What any other young couple would do in the age of the internet – WE TOOK A SELFIE:



I then had to RUN into the reception area and put the place cards in the right place because I FORGOT the seating chart!  After I had seated about 75% of my guests, I just started putting the cards in any old empty space – and it worked out just fine!  Everyone came in and we had a cocktail hour, Mike and I were introduced as husband and wife, and the wedding reception was amazing.  Everyone had fun, my parents danced with me and were both very emotional – especially my father.  I have spent half of my life living without him, with him in New York and me in New Jersey, sometimes only seeing each other once every month or two.  It was really hard for him to keep composed during our father-daughter dance, and it hurt me to see him cry.  My friends were wonderful, helpful, and enjoyed themselves.  We ate tons of food, drank, had cake, and took tons of silly candid photos.  

This photo of my dad and grandparents is one of my favorites: 

Mike and I had a blast at the wedding.  We kept stopping to stare at each other in which Mike said multiple times, “Holy shit! We’re married! That’s cool.”  He’s not used to his wedding band and keeps playing it, which reminds me of when I first got my engagement ring from him over two years ago.  He and I are happy finally married, after almost eight years of being together.  We were in the car driving home tonight, when Mike said that now that I am his wife, he feels this new found sense of responsibility to be a good partner.  He feels like my well being is in his hands, since my parent’s gave me away to him.  It’s so interesting to look back and realized how much we have grown, both individually and as a couple, although some things will never change.



When we got home and settled down, we took a wish lantern that my dad and given us to let go outside.  It was hard to do with two people, but when we lit it, we both said we wished for a happy, healthy life. 


Tomorrow evening we leave for Paris!  We’ll be gone for about six days, a needed and deserved vacation for us both.  I can’t wait to sit back, relax, and soak in the city.  It’s definitely going to be the trip of a lifetime and believe me, there will be PICTURES!



I am Getting Married in Five Days

I am currently procrastinating on an assignment – a portion of a group presentation on the Latino American experience and it’s implications in counseling.  The semester ends in two days, and on Saturday I will be getting married.

I certainly didn’t intend for all of this to happen in the same week.  When we planned our wedding date, I thought I would have AT LEAST a week in between school and the big day.  And it has been a CRAZY semester, between being a full time graduate student, working full time, and planning this wedding.  I’m beyond exhausted, and sometimes I say, “why do you DO THIS to yourself?”

Before I get way too deep and steer completely away from my assignment – while this would seem like self-punishment for something on some level, and while I AM so tired that I think the bags under my eyes have indeed become permanent (will see how long you last on the big day, eye-bags *shakes fist*) I am a mix of stressed and relieved of stress.  I would not have wanted to plan this thing over the summer, when all I have to worry about is work, so it works out in that I worked SO hard this semester, my reward is a five hour party and a week long trip to Paris.  Seems to balance out my wanting to scream or cry or both over the last three months.

I have been with my fiance for eight years, since I was sixteen.  It was been an insane eight years when I look back.  And even though our life is WEIRD and sometimes wacky, I wouldn’t trade what I have right now for anything in the world.  My head is currently in the clouds, as I am almost in disbelief that the boy that I had my first slow dance with, my first bouquet of flowers from, is going to be the man that I am marrying.  He and I definitely have something special, there is no doubt about that, and I consider myself lucky that someone has been willing to love me through a third of my entire life.

And perhaps this wasn’t the best time to start this blog-project-thing, as if I don’t have enough going on. But in all honesty, I very rarely plan ahead, and things usually have a way of working themselves out.  And what better way to introduce myself to the blogging world?

What’s up guys. My name is Cait. I’m 24. I’m a grad student and soon-to-be young wife. I have a wacky cat named Winston and a love for the gym, crafts, and music. I’m a opinionated kid with a lot to say but oftentimes the inability to organize it in a way that makes sense.  You’ll get used to it. I’m a big kid in a 24 year old body, I’m getting married, and the next chapter of my life starts on Saturday.