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I am Getting Married in Five Days

I am currently procrastinating on an assignment – a portion of a group presentation on the Latino American experience and it’s implications in counseling.  The semester ends in two days, and on Saturday I will be getting married.

I certainly didn’t intend for all of this to happen in the same week.  When we planned our wedding date, I thought I would have AT LEAST a week in between school and the big day.  And it has been a CRAZY semester, between being a full time graduate student, working full time, and planning this wedding.  I’m beyond exhausted, and sometimes I say, “why do you DO THIS to yourself?”

Before I get way too deep and steer completely away from my assignment – while this would seem like self-punishment for something on some level, and while I AM so tired that I think the bags under my eyes have indeed become permanent (will see how long you last on the big day, eye-bags *shakes fist*) I am a mix of stressed and relieved of stress.  I would not have wanted to plan this thing over the summer, when all I have to worry about is work, so it works out in that I worked SO hard this semester, my reward is a five hour party and a week long trip to Paris.  Seems to balance out my wanting to scream or cry or both over the last three months.

I have been with my fiance for eight years, since I was sixteen.  It was been an insane eight years when I look back.  And even though our life is WEIRD and sometimes wacky, I wouldn’t trade what I have right now for anything in the world.  My head is currently in the clouds, as I am almost in disbelief that the boy that I had my first slow dance with, my first bouquet of flowers from, is going to be the man that I am marrying.  He and I definitely have something special, there is no doubt about that, and I consider myself lucky that someone has been willing to love me through a third of my entire life.

And perhaps this wasn’t the best time to start this blog-project-thing, as if I don’t have enough going on. But in all honesty, I very rarely plan ahead, and things usually have a way of working themselves out.  And what better way to introduce myself to the blogging world?

What’s up guys. My name is Cait. I’m 24. I’m a grad student and soon-to-be young wife. I have a wacky cat named Winston and a love for the gym, crafts, and music. I’m a opinionated kid with a lot to say but oftentimes the inability to organize it in a way that makes sense.  You’ll get used to it. I’m a big kid in a 24 year old body, I’m getting married, and the next chapter of my life starts on Saturday.